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For clients with severe moisture issues with hair or skin


To strengthen/increase moisture in your hair (eyebrows and beard as well) while improving moisture in dry/aging skin.

On your hair, rose oil can help strengthen each individual strand by nourishing it with vitamins that help smooth over weak, brittle, and dry ends while repairing breakage.

On your skin, its natural properties and vitamins are great for treating acne, diminishing scars, combating dry, and aging skin while promoting improvement to skin with continuous use.

Rose Oil can reduce stress, depression or anxiety by being used as aromatherapy and can also be an amazing aphrodisiac.

(to increase sexual desire, arousal, performance or pleasure by using as massage oil.)

Monets Luxury Rose Oil

$35.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
  • Directions: (For Hair)

    Oil scalp 2-3 times a week by massaging oil onto your scalp or hair for 2-5 minutes with finger tips, and/or paddle brush.

    Directions: (For Skin)

    Apply oil to face and/or blemishes by massaging oil on skin as needed.

    Rose oil can also be paired with face cream, lotions or face cleansers by adding

    just a few drops.

  • No refunds, exchanges ONLY!

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